Thursday, December 3, 2015

Assets & Talent 資產和人材

How to definite a company valuable?Is it based on yield, assets or the talents? Which is more realistic or accurate? A lot of professor been written the books to justified it and with the difference opinions of that.
I do respect SP Setia Ex- CEO because he built up a team, this team from SP Setia than now is ECO World. As well as those talents in the world, created facebook, Twiter, Google and Amazon. Previously human only can use hard assets making money, now we change it from cyber. It is not only the money and wealth but also made the human relationships totally change.
In Malaysia, those company can stand on the board still depend on old fashion type of business. No one like those talents in the world, totally change the behaviour of human and then change the people daily practice.
Why call talent important than assets? Of course some assets can help you and me rich, but it does not have any impressive motivation to someone or others.
Talents can create, Talent can made the things difference. Like biology, can help us improved better living style, can help us know about sickness in advance and prevent it before ....

在馬來西亜的上巿公司里有很多可以被參考。現在就拿SP Setia,FGV 來硏考一下。 
SPSetia 在劉啟盛和他的圑隊在还沒被收購时把公司里的資產翻倍也把公司的品牌尊定下来。这是人材们把資產从沒有到有的例子。下来的是要当SPSetia新的團隊怎样把手上的現有的資產產生效益,這下来五年或十年就可知道,是人材重要还是手上的資產重要。
当然也有優質的資產把公司的业务帶起来的,就好像代理名汽车的UMW和Pavilion 土地的策略地点。
在外国的市场比较注重人材。就好像facebook ,google和高盛。所以理所当然管理层比较厚薪也有許多福利。
从小販到商塲的supermarket 是一段距离,如果小企业用小販的心態管理商塲那肯定一塌糊涂。所以心態,態度,理解和接受很重要.

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