Friday, August 1, 2014

Write up a post means crashed????

Last two days just started to write something at here, not much intention but just feel bad. But today market start clashed. Why? Is it any related? DJ hit 2 times above 17,000 points but seems like slow down the move, hardly back to 17,000 in the short while, Hong Kong Hang Seng covered the up trend because first half of the year was weak. Two market in the final week of July given us 2 difference direction. Does it wanna to hint something to us?

Just forget about the co-incident, that is not my fault because I am not god and can't predict the market trend.

In the developing of smart phone makes the mobile apps become popular in the market. What is the next trend? It also make decided invest more on apps and make current session registered the profit lower than previous. Unreasonable offer price for merging and aquisition of Facebook, Google, Baidu as well as Alibaba make the market confuse. How to value? Based on what basic to value?

A good investors would said, Fixed assets price is movable and hardly to identified with right value, so that use it as valuation is not sharp for investment. Based on interest rate/based lending rate would be more accurate.

I-PHONE soon launching a new product and why they can continue make the same product with only little bit add-on features. So, is it a guidance to market if got one successful product, Please do not put in good things for first launching. So that you can multiple your profit in the future.

Market need some base to landing and looking for new direction. Like a worker need rest then can continue contribute the effort for future. Why your are want like a machine non stop production????

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