Monday, August 25, 2014


In your life journey, you may have a lot of choices, then are you regretted before? Like, when you are driving a car reach a junction so you need choose right or left road . So, when you are made a decision  choose right way but actually you may need more energy to drive through that road before reaching your destiny .  
As far as I concern, during the choices in front of me I may wrong choice. And when I was young I felt regretted . But now I take it as normal . Because if I insist the way I had choice was wrong then make me confuse whether I should turn back again the same way , it may cause me more time but the end of the result I may also wrong. That's my though only no really may come true . To identify the true or false that is need a lot of scientific testing . Life is so short. Talking about the investment you may have a lot of choice . Buy shares or sell it or buy derivative product to minimise the loss. 
But must remember first choice is wrong mean everything is wrong. Then use how many way to rectify is wasting your time . Cut it and then start again maybe is Breyer choice .

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