Thursday, April 4, 2013


A country situated at Euro, happen an issue to argue. The issue like that: -
In a small town have 2 villages, there are 2 cases under debate. They have own difference committee, and then the committee elect by people. They named it Republic of People Committee (RPC). RPC of A village concluded the plaintiff is a winner and RPC of B village justified the defender is a winner of the case.
In A village, there is a middle man offer a big contract to defender. Without the introducing of plaintiff, defender 100% could not acquire the contract. Then now, the contract ended up by local authority decision. RPC of A said the commission must paid accordingly although the contract is end.
In B village, there also have a middle man doing a same job but RPC of B village said defender should not pay because the contract offer comprising of illegal action/business activities.
The argument is: -
a) Why we can ignore the contract?
b) Why we can encourage the illegal activities as a content of contract?
c) We should respect the contract or the ethic?
d) How come middle man can’t earn such money if they are not involving the illegal business activies?
My lecturer ask me the question, I do not know how to answer who is right! Anyone can help me?

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