Wednesday, April 24, 2013

宏观经济 - macroeconomic

Recently i am attended a course - macroeconomic . This course guide by professor Nilss Olekalns of University of Melbourne. I have to take back my old book and study some basic math with basic theory to understand the course.

Macroeconomic represented by calculation of one country production, income and expenditure to evaluated their GDP and then set some policy to match the country objective. Is it correct? Some interest policy, some sample and hypothesis, some government policy, some currency policy. Isn't it can rectify a country pull out from recession or still congestion onto it.

I am not a good student and maybe I have some misunderstand those theory. In fact, all doubt will continuous because I really disappointed a country can print unlimited note and let it flow in to market. Is it can stop it or stop it may happen some bad news????

Real GDP or Norminal GDP also make some confuse by population. That's an equipment for politician to divert the nation attention on bad news. So, macro become micro. Micro can be macro. Really confuse.......................