Monday, January 17, 2011

Low Cost Flats

Today low cost flat become a hot topic in public media. Why they want to discuss this topic? In my mind, that is not an issue. First, they should aware there is no control on trading of low cost flat in Malaysia. So, some people can owned several units as investment. Second, they are not really identified the buyer income.

Low cost flat should allow those lower income people own it. Government has to enforce a law and ask those people who owned a unit of low cost flat submit their annual income to Inland Revenue Board for reference. Match the data with SSM and Road transport department to check the registered owner. Those data should be able to understand one people earning per year. Build up a system, no low cost flat allow rent out to others. Ours 1.2 million of servants have enough manpower to do that.

Furthermore update existing owners of flat and match with other state data, checking the person having how many units in hand. If found someone own more than one unit or not eligible, use government fund buy back as original cost. Whoever earns below the standard living level can allow apply government special loan scheme to buy the flat. If someone in one day earns higher than previous or earn higher than basic standard of living in the pass three years, So, he must in the 2 years time compulsory surrender back the unit to government and pass it to those who is qualify. Enforce a law stated no trading on low cost flat and government is the only buyer or seller. Perhaps there is a best solution to stop low cost flat trading at RM200k per unit.

Maybe, that is a rights way can subsidy poor people own a staying place.

I believe the above suggestions bring a lot of people unhappy. Because that already stop some riches people earn less and also bar someone use special way to enjoy such benefit. So, just a wild advise to those people, before you are claiming some one unfair to you and continue blame inflation, please refer back yours properties in hand. Did you having few units of low cost flats in hand? Do not forget, you are the one indirect push up the inflation because you having extra benefit to accumulate yours assets for the pass ten years. Maybe today feel more happy, because you flat already marked up by public media cost at RM200k.

Why public media did not highlight the solution as well as also propose to government’s bar someone used this loophole to enjoy such benefits from poor people? Why they are purposely indicated the low cost flat price will shut up higher? Is it this article only help developer charging higher price on build up the new low cost flat in the future?

I am always told people. Please “watch” newspaper and do not just “read” newspaper. If you only “read” follow by help such media to transfer the news out to others. That’s will indirect help someone achieve his intention or objective.

Like recent case in KLSE, someone purposely call higher price to bid a deal but actually the ability is limited. When you are setting a minimum condition for the bid, they were used some excuse to run out. So, SC should use in hand data do some investigation on them. Checking the deal on or off time, Is it they are use this excuse earning some profit on such specific counter? Public media assist to spread the news out, if you only read and not analysis it carefully. Finally you are in trouble on yours investment.

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