Monday, November 29, 2010

Perhap you are the loser

Please stand up and fight again.

Perhaps you are worries the war, I must tell you please close your eye immediately and tell yourself now you are standing far away from the war ground.

So, every down trend on market, just close yours eye and buy. Why you are worry about the matter still haven't happen? Sometime use yours' imagination can help you kick out the loss but it cannot help you everyday and every time.

So, if imagination can work. I think no one happy to wake up from bed and go to work. Because laid down is enough.

So, positive better than negative. Loss one time better than forever closing your eye. Fact is important than talk. I am a sick man now, so can't give anyone tips but aware someone fears about the war. Just positive accept it and dream it that is your chance to create a new life. Something new maybe is arriving and maybe better than current situation. So don't give up..............

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