Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bad News In Bursa

After last Friday announcement of Budget 2010. Some issues bring share price have an excuse to come down. The big impact on some service need to pay extra. That entertainment have a group of young teenage support. It can brings government lose certain vote on coming general election in the nation.

Furthermore government planning issue of new broking license bring local Financial Institution become over value. The limited or compulsory merging in the past help existing banker enjoy the good benefits. But opening the permit bring future competition and profit will be affected.

The cost of maintenance of wages of public servants still registered high, Government do not have an any good idea to handle it. The main part of payment of wages did not included others benefits. Like medical, supporting, education and training program. Some more they also can use a lot of excuse to organise a trip for survey.

Do you happy on Budget 2010? Personally it do not help me anything, although I have been paid tax in the past 20 years. But now I am become unemployment, What is the above said budget can help me to continue survive. That's not only my question. I have been paid socso long time, what does it help me out on my current situation. But I just well know my contribution already help thousand of family enjoy good benefit on bonus and salary. That's income tax, socso and EPF staffs. Would they consider what is my situation at here? No, that's nothing at all.

At last, next week or ten trading of bursa, I predict that is about 50 points adjustment. Further Gold Price was hit 1388 that also a heavy adjustment on that. So happy trading and careful trading.

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