Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Most of the people crazy about the award, actually you must try hard be civil servants, that is much more value then you gain a medal from Olympics game. Why? So, I suggested be a civil servant maybe you can apply a free home from government or at least can get lower interest rate, be a civil servant although you pay tax but actually the money you received that from tax collection. So, just work for discount if you earned high paid from government.

After a few weeks, we can see someone received offer a house but someone not even have although the medal is same color. As a same nation of Malaysian but received the awards is totally difference. State government proposed another type of scheme, central government also can't stop it. Is it we should have a foundation to collect all the donation or award to distributed it equally? I really do not know and not understand why unfair can be so obvious.  Maybe like a private company, difference company offer the difference salary to employee of the same position. Is it fair? Government always said we must set lower income for worker but how come not set a ceiling of salary to CEO and Directors. Maybe they said this will kick off talent. But if there is a talent, are they wanna accept be employee. Of course the answer is NO. 

Public listed company distribution of dividend maybe apply the fair system, all consistently paid at par and equally. If the salary of related parties of directors or major shareholders also can ask for approval, that is much more better.  Now, mother got salary, father got salary and house maid also got salary from listed company.
By the way, now market analysis become worst. Everyday assume AirAsia sell company can get special dividend or keep on talking about the FGV stocks but no one dare to criticized them  when the step/move is wrong.
Or maybe said Genting could produce a new medicine to cure some disease so the value of company must be higher, but finally the said product not meet the specific requirement then ask people sell. That is all speculating, somehow they still claimed they are long term investors. This all discourage innovation as well as forget the fundamental of the company. Speculating way hardly be classified is not good, but should not spread it out to public. Own risk own care about it, don't through it out to people to shared with you.
Now, value a company not even see how many contract had been awarded to them and also the contract is it awarded by related parties. And we should also value the high management's ability as well as their style of management. A dream created by brain, a dream support by ability, a dream support by strength of people, a dream support by hard working. 

The list of prize United States only offer around $25,000 for winning the gold, $15,000 for silver and $10,000 for Bronze  while Azerbaijan award $510,000 to the winner of gold,  $255,000 for silver and $130,000 for bronze.

Highest cash rewards paid by different national Olympic federations
1SingaporeS$1 million (US $757,000)$370,000$189,000
2MalaysiaA solid gold bar worth (around $600,000)$300,000$150,000
3Azerbaijan$510,000 (shared by athlete and coach if any)$255,000$130,000
5Thailand $314,000 (over 20 years period)
6Philippines $237,000 (over 20 years period)
14Australia $126,000
15Tajikistan $63,000
17China $31,400
18USA $25,000
19Germany $19,500
20IndiaRS 1 Crore ($150,000)$80,000$45,000
21BrazilAround $11,000 for every medal regardless of the color of medal (every memeber of Football team will get $100,000 for winning gold)
22SwedenNo cash prized for winning medals (Sweden Olympics committe supports athletes from 6 year old to all the way professional levels)
23United Kingdomno cash prized awarded by Britain’s Olympic Committee
OTHER COUNTRIESAlmost all the countries award cash prized to medalist in so

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