Thursday, September 4, 2014

Annual Report & Employee

New rule enforce Malaysia PLC annual report must  include percentage of type of employee data ( it means include of race of employee). Initially local media hold such responsibilities because in their reported news always highlighted what type of race involved in the incident. In the first place, they should tell international we are Malaysian mandarin language newspaper or we are Malaysian Malay language newspaper. Not like now we are Chinese associate paper. In the reporting they should said how many Malaysian involved in incident , not specific it India , Malay or Cina. Then nation start thinking we all Malaysian and so harmony start consolidate. We are all Malaysian just has difference lifestyle or little culture difference.

So. PLC should highlighted how many foreign workers compared with Malaysian and then analysis the total percentage wages have been paid out  to local or foreigner. The percentage of contribution to turnover derived from local or foreign worker. It can help local government to well know the strength of local employee and then provide the suitable courses to improve their skill.
Forthermore, set a rule to compulsory PLC provide the testimonial to leaving staffs to help them to get better job. Enforce the PLC to issue such testimonial as practices and then set up a standard format for them to all the employee. That will help manpower market become more professional and meet the challenge from international. Government link company enforce such testimonial as ISO 9001/2 requirement then help employee well know what is their basic skill require in the working environment.

We should not blame anyone at current situation and government should not create another issue of blaming or enforce some company must employ certain percentage of difference race/ difference colour of Malaysian because all are Malaysian. The main problem derived from education system have wrong direction and emphasis the quantity of certificate. So, private institute printing the QE Certificate for market demand and so ignore the quality of certificate.   

Government enforcing the testimonial system help to know what skill should provide in the school to help our new manpower easy to get the job. Based on the testimonial government well know that is it the corporate not given enough support to the lower range staff sufficient training and then purposely lower down the salary.

Corporate should well know of the basic jobs requirement in the business and then may not misuse/waste of manpower. If our mind still remain/set in 50an or 60an years ago to meet the current economic environment then we are worst and finally all population will suffer in the normal lifestyle with low pay.

Interesting are Annual Report content of Directors Remuneration but no one shareholders query on that as well as the SC also, What is the meaning for it? Is it allow the Shareholders or SC to stop them pay high salary to directors or certain percentage must fixed,  like every dollar pay out to directors must multiple 2 times for human resources planning. So, we will know whether the directors are come to grab money or really assist company to growing up. SC should set up a rule, related party should not allow to vote on directors remuneration for related directors if the salary more than 20 times above of average salary for low range staff in the company.  Example, if office boy and cleaner average salary is 1,200 per month, then maximum pay out for director is 24,000 per month (Inclusive of others benefit) to each director. If directors are related, sum up also not allow more than 20 times. More than that such full amount/every single cents must obtain the minority interest approval in the AGM. So, the minority will vote for directors skills and talent in the AGM and approval attached with set up the provident funds for training staffs or human resources funds must be established after the approval.
Example, 100 million remuneration for Directors then the human resources expenses scheme must have 200 million reserve or 200 million have spend through out the years for training of employee.
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