Sunday, June 23, 2013

Family's Business

Sometime when we joined a company with so many of relative working inside. What is the situation? Can you tell me you can perform as normal? I do not think so? It would happen all time in your career.
You may noted someone low ability than you but can carry the high post with high salary.
You can found someone can apply unusual attitude than normal.
You may criticizes by someone with unreasonable.
You may competence with shadow.

Most of the listed company also faced such difficulties. 3rd generation come with high post with same education background or maybe holding the same qualification. Recently we can see some stock price start come down heavily because of appointed the new CEO elected by family. Of course someone is perform better than normal, but more than 70% worst than ordinary people. That's also applied to those company link company, holding such post because of politician background. That is another way of assignment from family or relative....

The story will continue......

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