Tuesday, April 20, 2010


KNM offer deal failed mainly due to major short of cash flow. It was directly tell people that company not worth that price. Predict 51 cents is this share support level. So, if you unfortunately bought in previous week. Please do not hurry up buy in for averaging.

Similarly those stocks, like ramunia, scomi and saag will face bad impact by this stock. So, careful buying in every level or if no reserve funds in hand to buy in at lower price. Please avoid it. Market index still strong by Malaysia ringgit strongest in this year. Foreign investors can earn dual way, by shares price up and by better rate on currency exchange.

So, hardly see any adjustment on it but bullet(money) all go to index counter. So, penny stocks player hard to earn money on that.

I am still looking a good job and hope can earn better than previous employment. But seem like dream hard to be come true. haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Unknown said...

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