Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Japanese Yen

A war started in the currency note. Every country now starting printing note to enhance the growth of economic. So, those international traded note start drop more note into market to prevent the export volume decrease. Such action will continue until one day inflation shut up in own country. They do not care about others countries hit by high rate of inflation. They only care own country.

In the decade ago, a well development countries start graping all nature resources from others, through war, through acquisition and merging. Until today, they national bearing the high loan and created a group of people non working and enjoy the benefit granted by their government.

So, after 50 years collection of cheap resources and then enough. Now starting a new game, printing money to make it as float to push people buy things from them. They create a brand new phone and brand new luxury thingy to ask third party countries purchase it as rubbish.

Continuously make an super star for every industry. Like football, make a super contract to earn people attention. Made a share master to attract people believe that is a good game. Made a super trading bank to made people trusted them and keep on saving into their bank.

Made a big deal onto market to inform people there is synergy of economic. Japanese Yen print more means surrender off the economic. is it true???? That is false because your hard earn money become cheaper and cheaper.....


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